Attracting New Business Through Social Media

Attracting New Business Through Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are fantastic ways to advertise

your business, but it is easy to get caught up with non-productive social media

activities; to end up wasting your day by achieving nothing! If you wish to gain

customers through social media, then you need to remember that it’s no different to

traditional marketing: giving value and building relationships to make sales.

When using sites like Facebook or Twitter you need to remember that it’s how you

connect long-term with people that gets you business. So, when using social media,

you need to be sure on how you are going to use this marketing tool and still remain

focused on your business:

Know what will fit in with your marketing strategy.

Because of how popular sites like Facebook and Twitter have become – You can easy

set up a business page and start receiving ‘likes’. But what is the purpose of this?

These sites are a wonderful way to market your business and attract new clients. You

don’t want to just dive in though, take your time. You need to look into who it is that

you are trying to attract to the page – who are your ideal clients? Remember you need

to have an objective! Make a newsletter and get people to sign up. Find ways to test

your product ideas? Get clear on what you want from your ‘Facebook business page’

(how will it fit into your overall strategy) when you figure this out develop your social

media plan around it.


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Build friendships with clients:

Remember it’s those long-term friendships with clients that matter – this doesn’t

happen over night. People still want to know who you are and be able to rely on you

before they decide to start purchasing your products. Luckily with social media sites

like Twitter and Facebook we can now build connections and networks with amazing

speed- but you must focus on your ideal clients and what they would need from the

relationship. They will need to connect with you and interact for a bit before they

decide to commit to a business relationship with you.

Be true to yourself:

Be real and to the point. Social media is just another way to market your business –

people will see you are fake right away if you aren’t true to who you are. You will

definitely end up with real long lasting customers if you are true to yourself so just let

your personality shine show and get yourself some new clients. Don’t be scared of

being yourself!

Make your content about your business:

Remember you need to attract your ideal clients, it’s all about them! What can you

offer them?  What will make them continue to come back and you stand out from the

others in their eyes? You need to take into account all your marketing including your

writing this should be written with your clients in mind. Give them what they want,

reliable information and written content that is of use to them – make sure you have

no catch, and no hidden expectations. This is all about showing how you are an ideal

business for them, how you meet their requirements – so that they relate to you and

decide to work with you, rather than you ‘pushing’ your product onto them.


Before you know it you will be attracting new business through social media.