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Step-by-step Process to See Audiobooks on iPhone 6 iOS 8

This fiasco almost makes me want to buy an Android product.

If you are having fits about not seeing the audiobooks like I was here is a quick 100% solution to the problem. It is pretty embarrassing that Apple could not work this out. It almost makes me want to buy an Android.

I don’t know if you’ve had an answer to this by now but I was having the same problem since the latest update and this is what I did:

1. open ‘iBooks’ – you must go to the app store and download this free app.
2. at the top, in the middle, my screen said ‘PDFs’ but it might say ‘Books’ on yours or something else.
3. There’s a drop down arrow on this and I pressed it and changed it to ‘audiobooks’
then my audiobooks appeared. 

This is the total solution to this issue. What a relief!